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The bracelets are made out of reindeer hide and strengthened with interfacing so that the bracelets keep their shape for a long time.
The buttons are made of reindeer antlers and the loops are strengthened with synthetic sinew twined with the leather and we always use sinew to stitch the leather. The tin thread is stitched to the leather with 100% polyester thread. Tin thread is a nickel free thread with an alloy of tin and 4% silver. Some of our bracelets have silver buttons instead of buttons made of reindeer antlers. That is written in the description of the product.

To get the right size of the bracelet, measure around your wrist and add 1 cm. Fill then in what length you want in the rolling window for chosen bracelet and in the other window you choose the color of the leather. If we don't have the right length it will be made as soon as we get the order.

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Tin Bracelets Wide

Tin Bracelets Thin

Tin Bracelets w/ Beads, Crystals

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